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Managing a business means more than just serving your clients. You have to manage your employees, handle documentation and focus  on building your brand. Let People Sculptors assist you in serving your business needs. 

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Our Services:

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Compensation & Benefits Design
Performance Management
Employee Development & Training

Here's why you should choose us:

Redundancy & Layoff Support


Expert Advice to guide your business


Adherence to Policies & Procedures


Outsourcing your HR can save you money and a headache


Outsourcing HR and documentation needs keeps your business lean and efficient. It also helps avoid the hassle and expense of a lawyer or hiring an HR team. Outsourcing HR to People Sculptor’s experts can help you take care of any issues. We help you with everything from:

Monitoring Holidays & Absences

Tailored documentation & contract

Onboarding employees

Temporary lay-offs & work refusal policies

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