Soft Skills Training

“Technical Skills may get you the job, but Soft Skills can make you or break you as a manager”.

Hard Skills like technical knowledge, intelligence and ability to crunch data and analyse are quite often overemphasised and soft skills like ability to understand your feelings and those of others, listen effectively and resolve conflicts are on the hand underplayed. In our school and college education, it is the hard skills which get reinforced and built, but the soft skills get ignored. As long as you excel in your history, physics, material science or physiology courses you are celebrated, even if you are poor at building relationships or ineffective in your ability to positively influence people.

However as you get into the working life and your success depends not only how good you are at your engineering skills but also in your ability to manage people, organizations and people become to get aware of the importance of soft skills like motivating and leading others, working in a team, influencing people and powerfully conveying your point of view.

You can have all the technical expertise in the world, but if you cannot sell your ideas, get along with others, or turn your work on time, you will be going nowhere fast. A recent study has shown that soft skills competency can be as reliable an indicator of job performance as the more traditional qualification of technical mastery or experience. Additional research conducted with Fortune 500 CEOs by the Stanford Research Institute and the Carnegie Mellon Foundation, found that 75% of the long term job success depends on people skills, and while only 25% on technical knowledge.

The best and the brightest lawyers, doctors, engineers, educators, investment bankers, journalists and all kinds of diverse people have admitted that the soft skills are the hardest they’ve ever had to learn. Mastering soft skills takes persistence. It demands that you look honestly and critically at your behavior, as well as genuinely be open to feedback.

Mastering these practical and tactical skills doesn’t magically happen overnight. It requires hard work but the payoff can be tremendous. So go ahead and master your soft skills!

We excel at soft skills training. Our programs are well researched, rich in content, highly interactive and matched with best in class training delivery. They are customized to your requirement and are based on the principles of accelerated learning emphasizing on application of learning in day-to-day jobs.

We have a large repertoire of soft skill courses ranging from Personal Effectiveness, Communication and Presentation Skills to Managing and Leading Teams. Our Brochure presents a broad outline of our major offerings.