Leadership Coaching with continuity brings out Best Leaders

All organisations are constantly striving to improve employee productivity with a view to grow overall business performance, corporate value and goodwill.An organisation depends upon efficiency and attitude of employees and workers for achieving desired results.

In humans there has been always a need of leaders at all levels to motivate people to go for actions The environment in organizations too cannot be different, so there has been lot of emphasis on leadership coaching.

Leadership Coaching, however, is development of  collaborative, individualized relationship between a leader and the employees and the leader could well be anyone, a executive, manager, supervisor, team leader or business owner, anyone in charge or responsible for a group of people in organisation.

Coaching employees provides counsel in real time and clearly identifies goals in the context of the employee’s duty. The best experiences in Leadership practice  tells us to coach early and often – early, to detect potential problems before they happen.

and often, because continuous interest and feedback virtually guarantee better performance. How do we make the transition from once-a-year reviews and appraisals to an atmosphere of coaching?

The most often used tool to improve performance is performance review but that really isn’t capable of helping us to reach our overall goal. The  biggest drawback in this system is that it is seeing behind and as it is generally done once a year, it is very large period of time looking behind, so the leadership coaching should focus on looking ahead as looking back over a long period makes it too late for implementing corrective solution if any.

Leadership coaching is to make the in charge leader understand the current and reality problems of the employee’s world, so that those can be sorted out to achieve needed goal. Good leadership coaching provides the development strategies that allow an employee to achieve their goals.

Before looking in what should be Leadership coaching all about, let us go in to what should not be leadership coaching about Leadership Coach or Business Coach.

It should not be mere technical guidance It should not be treated as mere formality and routine training.

It should not be career counselling

It should not be consulting

What steps should be taken towards leadership coaching performance

Leaders coaching should be focused on training and replacing the old system with a new one as and when required by examining corporate culture and management strategy.

It should be assured that, team in charges, managers or any group leader in corporate should be motivational by his actions and deeds and these is best done by setting examples.The leadership coaching should be all about building a leadership capability in a way that short term and long term goals are achieved.

In any field, the best leaders are one’s who bring out best and so for bringing out best leaders at all level it is necessary that we impart best Leadership coaching with continuity.


  • by: Mr. Sidharath Tuli (Founder & CEO - People Sculptors)

  • 20 Dec 2016